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Check Your Status

Newly Admitted Freshman and Transfer Students

Newly admitted undergraduate students can access UI-Integrate Self-Service directly through myIllini. After accepting the offer of admission, students will need to Claim and Set Your NetID and Password and Obtain your Enterprise ID and Password to log into UI-Integrate Self-Service. These usernames and passwords should be established before you attend the summer registration program.

First Time Users of UI-Integrate Self-Service

Newly admitted Graduate and Professional students and Undergraduate students that have accepted their offer of admission must establish the necessary ID’s and passwords to access self-service.  This is a multi-step process and is outlined below.  If you have already claimed your NetID and/or Enterprise ID, you do not need to repeat this process. 

  • Obtain your Enterprise ID and Password - you will need your Campus NetID and AD password. This step is not complete until you have established an Enterprise ID and Enterprise ID password. A video tutorial for this process is available on YouTube.

Where to Get Help

For help with your NetID and NetID Password, contact the CITES Help Desk at (217) 244-7000, Due to FERPA laws, the help desk is only able to help continuing and prospective students with ID and password issues; they are not able to provide information to parents of continuing or prospective students.

For help with your Enterprise ID and Enterprise Password, contact the AITS Service Desk at
(217) 333-3102,  Due to FERPA laws, the service desk is only able to help students and prospective students with ID and password issues; they are not able to provide information to parents of continuing or prospective students.

Access Your Financial Aid Status and Awards

You can access your Financial Aid Award Letter and view your financial aid information online through UI-Integrate Self-Service. You must be admitted to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign to access this information. For the most efficient answers to your financial aid questions, you are encouraged to monitor your status on-line through UI-Integrate Self-Service before contacting the Office of Student Financial Aid.  The following financial aid information is available on-line through UI-Integrate Self-Service:

  • Award Summary
    • View your financial aid awards.
  • Cost of Attendance
    • View your financial aid cost of attendance budget.
  • Award History
    • View the history of your financial aid awards while attending the University of Illinois.
  • Scholarship Letter
    • View Scholarships you have been awarded by the University of Illinois.
  • Shopping Sheet
    • Consumer disclosure tool that allows you to compare institutions in terms of grant and scholarship amounts, net costs, graduation rates, loan default rates, median borrowing, and estimated monthly loan payments after graduation.
  • Student Requirements
    • View the status of documents submitted to our office and check to see if any documents are still outstanding. You will be able to view receipt of faxed documents within three business days and receipt of mailed documents within one week.
    • View outstanding student requirements.